Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Village Voice Discovers Chassidishe Blogs

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Our Prayers

Enter a doctor's office in the chassidishe Boro Park/Williamsburg community, or any area where one is doing some 'waiting'. What do you see? Rows of chairs, occupied by chassidishe women, their mouths moving with words of Tehillim. How beautiful that is... How erlich they are. They are the cream of the crop, the "richtige Bnos Yaakov".

Their Tehillims are worn out by their tears. The edges frayed from being turned countless times. There's a special tefilla scotchtaped to the front. There's a list of names of people that need a refuah shlaima in the back. Some crossed out already, others added on the side with pencil. These laidies-in-waiting fervently say their Tehillim with these people in mind.

This doesn't seem like dirty laundry, does it? It seems that these women are wonderful, praying for those that need prayers. But here's the problem. MOST OF THESE WOMEN HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE SAYING. They don't know the meaning of the words. Yes, there is no doubt in my mind, that especially with their piousness, and Emunah, their tehillim can reach the high heavens. But... the fact that they don't know the meaning of the words bothers me.

Meaning, these women are doing the best they can do, with the ignorance they inherited. How much nicer and more meaningful it would be if they could read and understand what is said. Not just buying a Tehillim with "teitch", but learning Hebrew / dikduk in school to appreciate the beauty of Dovid Hamelech's words.

Women are brainwashed to stay ignorant. Don't question why. Don't get into controversial conversations. Don't think deeply. Don't learn torah. Never open a sefer... your place on this earth is to stay ignorant. But, tehillim isn't Gemara. There is no reason not to learn it.

That is why Sarah Schnirer founded Bais Yaakov. She saw there was a problem. When will the Chassidishe Gedolim see that we need some change. Not teaching, and not showing the girls the beauty of Judaism, is exactly what makes them rebel. Read this article by Rabbi Berel Wein.

When you exit the doctor's office, say a little prayer, in your own little words (not hebrew words you don't understand) that change happens. It's crucial that things change.

Monday, July 25, 2005

About this blog

On the street corner, stands a young chassid, dressed in full chassidish garb. His long peyos blowing in the wind, his felt hat is perched on his head, despite of the 100 degrees weather outside. His wool arba kanfos hanging beneath his long thick jacket. It is an image right out of ancient Poland. Click here for more pictures of chassidim.

He looks very pious and holy in his attire. But, is it so? Or is it just a coverup?

In this blog, you will learn about some stuff that some chassidim do. No, not just chassidim, but its shocking to some to realize that the pious looking aren't so pious after all. From boys impregnating school girls, to the same girls aborting their babies, to incest, to drugs, stealing from the government, eating non-kosher, rape, loveless marriages, extramarital affairs, homosexuality, spousal abuse and the like.

It's time to uncover our dirty secrets. Time to hang out the community's dirty laundry.

If you have anything to share, feel free to post it on this blog.

Disclaimer: Please note, that I do try to use the word - some chassidim, many chassidim. "Don't judge a book by its cover" is the message. But sometimes, a pious cover does represent a pious person. I'm in no way bashing all chassidim, only those who fit the description.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Dirty Laundry Hung out by the Media


Hot! Sex! Live! Frum!

Visitors trolling for casual sex on last week were left scratching their heads over an unfamiliar reference that has surfaced in a flurry of recent postings.

"I keep seeing this term 'Frum.' Can somebody please clue me into what the hell that is?" wrote Jeff, a 30-year-old regular on the site.

"O.K., I give up ... what does 'frum' mean?" huffed another.

To the posters' disappointment, frum (pronounced "froom") is not shorthand for a kinky new posture or adventurous attitude. It's a Yiddish word that technically means "religiously observant," but for all intents and purposes is used by men and women who identify themselves as Orthodox Jews.

Jeff, an events planner who grew up Catholic in the Midwest, said he kept seeing requests from frum men and women seeking frum sexual partners.The only thing that was in my mind was fru-strated,m-arried ... ? I had noclue what it was, he said.I didn't realize it was an Orthodox Jewish person. From what I understand, they're supposed to put a sheet between themwhen they have sex.

It turns out that the deeply religious have sexual tastes as mundane as the rest of us.

Single frum guy for single frum girl for fun; wrote one 24-year-old.

Married, frum guy looking for a frum girl (married or unmarried) for some NSA [no strings attached] fun. We can have good time 'learning' together, a 31-year-old posted.

Frum married guy looking for frum guy to explore, wrote another,continuing: I am a frum married 28 yr old guy ... during the summer my wife will be upstate and I am looking to explore having sex with a man ... please be frum.

That's not to say that this frum frenzy hasn't ushered in a whole range of heretofore unimaginable caveats such as; We could do as little as you want, written by a gentle soul seeking a frum woman, and;No chassidish, writtenby a 24-year-old married Manhattanite, referring to the ultra-Orthodox denomination whose members wear black hats and suits and sport long sidelocks. all intents and purposes is used by men and women who identify themselves as Orthodox Jews.

Or, less chastely, a poster seeking Frum girls gone wild for an orgy in Brooklyn, or another one advertising a Yahoo group for married frumsters seeking


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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Coming soon...

All our dirty laundry hung up to dry....